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Kitchen Remodel

New Orleans Kitchen Remodel

Kitchens are the center of the home, the hub around which the life of a family revolves and a room used by every person in the home. It’s the place where families create memories- kids do homework on the kitchen table, parents prepare meals, and where friends and new guests are welcomed, without the rigidity of a formal dining room.

Whether a sleek, modern room full of stainless steel and recessed cabinetry with frosted glass, or a cozy, enveloping rustic country style, It’s by far the room that gets the most usage in a home, a gathering place and eating venue geared towards comfort and ease.

Today, kitchen functions have expanded to include elements of the living room and dining areas of a home, and increasingly moved towards larger, more open designs. Cooking has become a hobby with food enthusiasts investing in their kitchens, architects have followed this trend by rethinking the kitchen as a prestige room, designed to show off wealth or culinary proficiency. The trend towards open kitchens is more than just an exercise in appearances, however, as it also corresponds to changes in the way we cook. 

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Remodeling can respond to purely aesthetic concerns, such as wanting to update a wood-filled cottage-type design to a more modern, contemporary look with polished concrete countertops and repurposed industrial fittings. Kitchen remodels are undertaken at times due to changes in lifestyle and a need to repurpose the functionality of your kitchen. For purposes of reselling, especially in older homes, kitchens can be redesigned to look newer and more streamlined. Our team can assist you with selecting newer appliances that are energy efficient or the custom cabinets you have always wanted.

Allow our experienced team to walk you through the process with your dedicated project manager and our easy to use online platform. The team at JLV Construction uses the latest and up to date technology to communicate with our clients. Our system allows you to review and make all of your custom selections from the comfort of your own home. 

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