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Architects & Designers

Architects and Designers

The team at JLV Construction are always pleased to recommend an Architect or Designer for your new home or remodeling needs. Our recommendations include select New Orleans-based contacts as well as architects from the area, with whom we collaborate and facilitate to streamline processes. In having selected Designers and Architects, it allows for a seamless process for our clients. We now have the capability to work with clients remotely for all of their needs from initial designs to project management.

Note to Architects & Designers

If you are an Architect designing a home in the New Orleans area, you might not be based here. We’ve worked with many Architects throughout the greater New Orleans area, and understand that most Architects have a select group of builders they trust to build their projects.

We’d love an opportunity to have a conversation during your Contractor selection process, and believe we have the capacity and reputation necessary to build your projects. We’d like to partner with you in the pre-construction phase, and add value that frees up your time and resources. We are happy to act as your permitting coordination liaison, and provide pricing input as design moves forward.

We can incorporate your submittal requirements in ways that work for you- or we can provide our internal submittal platform if you do not have a process in place that you love. We understand what you need, and are here to support your process.

In our experience, partnering with talented Architects and Designers is a great opportunity for the client and ourselves. The results are remarkable when a team of professionals take a construction project from conception to completion.